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Tension headache

Tension headaches are a common type of headache that are prevalent in adults. They are caused by prolonged stress, tension, and other factors that put strain on the head and neck.

Tension headaches usually occur on both sides of the head and can cause a dull or aching pain that often involves the entire head.

The exact causes of tension headaches are not known, but they are often triggered by stress, tension, poor posture and neck tension. These factors can lead to overloading of the head and neck muscles, which in turn can lead to pain.

Treatment for tension headaches depends on the severity of the pain and how it affects the sufferer's daily life. Doctors often recommend a combination of pain medication, relaxation and stress management techniques, and exercise and physical activity. In some cases, physical therapy or acupuncture can also be helpful.

It is important that sufferers seek professional help early on to prevent or reduce the onset of tension headaches. Early diagnosis and treatment can help improve the course of the disease and prevent long-term consequences.

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