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Specialist in neurology

Jugoslav Erceg

Der Neurologe Jugoslav Erceg, Porträt mit Brille und T-Shirt

Specialist in neurology

dr medical Oliver Mennicken

Der Neurologe Dr. Oliver Mennicken, Porträt mit Brille und T-Shirt

The medical team

We are Jugoslav Erceg and Dr. Oliver Mennicken, two neurologists with a common vision: the best possible care for our patients with a pinch of human warmth and professional competence. We are proud to welcome you to our modern practice in Frankfurt/ Main.

The medical team

The whole team

Our team consists not only of us neurologists, but also of our competent medical assistants (MFA), who all contribute in their own way to making our practice a place of well-being.

We believe that good medical care is not only based on medical competence, but also on empathy and understanding. That is why we take the time to advise and care for our patients individually.

Our MFA will soon introduce themselves on this page to give you a better impression of our team and our work.


We look forward to getting to know you personally in our practice soon.

Your team from the Neurologie Galluswarte

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