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In addition to standard documents such as prescriptions or certificates of incapacity to work (AU), our healthcare system has countless forms and questionnaires ready for you to have filled out by your treating doctor . Often, however, patients  require very specific certificates.


In principle, any documents are only to be charged to the statutory health insurance company if they are created on agreed forms or at the special request of the health insurance companies or the medical service.

It should be said that only Documents that are created on the basis of agreed templates or at the special request of the health insurance company or the Medical Service (MDK), for example, will be charged to the requesting authorities. Other documents and the associated medical measures are calculated according to the federal fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ) and must be paid for by the patient or the requesting body.

A free provision of these services is not permitted for professional reasons. 

Short certificate

Brief certificates such as certificate of attendance, certificate of exemption from teaching (certificates in the event of acute illnesses are free for students), ability to take examinations, need for medical aids

Billing based on on GOÄ number 70; €5.00 (instead of €5.36 according to GOÄ).

Written report of illness or findings

Illness/finding report, text certificates, certificates issued at the patient's request, e.g. for kindergarten, school, sports club or travel cancellation.
Billing based on die GOÄ number 75; €15 (instead of €17.43 according to GOÄ).

Medical certificate

Briefly, without technical diagnostics eg for lawyers, insurance companies, employers, employment offices, pension offices, sports clubs, driver's licenses, etc. Depending on the time required: up to 15 minutes.

Billing based on die GOÄ number 80; 40 € (instead of 40.22€ according to GOÄ).

Written expert statement with an effort that exceeds the usual level

Extensive and/or complex reports, medical reports at the patient's request; possibly with scientific justification. Time required from 15 minutes.
(Billing according to GOÄ number 85 or according to expenditure)

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